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About Us
Za Jirui, an international light makeup brand founded in 1997.

Growth Journey

In the more than two decades since its inception, it has been deeply loved by young women, bringing trendy beauty products that better suit the skin characteristics of beauty enthusiasts in Asia.

Light Makeup Personality
Za believes that everyone has their unique undertones. The new generation of individuals no longer pursues conventional aesthetics; they embrace authenticity as beauty. They freely create their own styles, boldly showcasing diverse personalities and preferences. With powerful yet lightweight products, Za assists them in achieving an effortlessly beautiful look, free from unnecessary complexity.

Bestselling at Home and Abroad
Currently available in over 10,000 domestic stores, Za is a bestseller in the markets of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

development history
In 1997, Za was born as an abbreviation of Zotos Accent, combining the DNA of Shiseido Tokyo and Zotos New York. It introduced simple-to-use and highly effective skincare and makeup product lines in multiple countries and regions.

In 2004, the first-generation sunscreen was introduced, marking the debut of Za True protector 1.0. The True White series concept was introduced.

By 2011, the sunscreen had gained popularity worldwide, and the second-generation Za True White protector 2.0 was launched, becoming the first choice for countless young women.

In 2014, the addition of Shiseido's patented whitening ingredient 4MSK elevated Za to one of the nine core brands within the group. The new and rejuvenated True White series became a market sensation.

By 2019, Za had secured a prominent position in the sunscreen industry, unveiling the third generation, Za True White protector 3.0. This latest iteration boasted increased sun protection and enhanced moisturizing capabilities.

In 2020, Za entered the era of four-color protector with the launch of the fourth generation, Za True White protector 4.0 family. Featuring four adaptable shades for personalized color correction, it offered multiple effects in a single product. Concurrently, the Za brand image underwent a synchronized upgrade.

In 2022, the brand elevated itself further, unveiling a completely new light makeup concept. This involved the creation of a translucent makeup look through the use of highly effective products.

By 2023, the sunscreen line underwent another upgrade with the introduction of the fifth generation, Za True White protector 5.0. This latest iteration combined sun protection, color correction, whitening, and moisturizing into a single product, offering a comprehensive four-in-one solution.